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SimplexNumerica Front CoverFormula Editor

Simplexety 6  is established with a comfortable Formula Editor.

Now, edit the formula quickly and easily expressed in your Simplexety editor.



Scientific Calculator SimplexNumerica Front Cover

Simplexety is a sophisticated evaluation and calculation program.

It supports direct access to the Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Engine (VBScript).

The program supports e.g.  symbolic derivation and a lot of other numerical functions.














SimplexNumerica Front Cover

Date & Time Parser

The new advanced Date & Time Parser is very simple to use. It does a lot of calculations and brings up many time related information.

Sample Operations

The parser interprets editors code like:

Result = Startdatetime + 40 hours + 12 min + 1 year

in the form:

Result = C<[21.04.2004 | 16:19:18] + h[40] + m[12] + Y[1]

Result = 23.04.2005 08:31:18

or as span:

Result = 366.925 days or 366d 22h 12m

or as Julian Date: Result = 2453483.85


    C< stands for Start Clock, D< for Start Date and T< for Start Time


Result = Startdate - Enddate

Result = C<[21.04.2004 | 16:19:18] - C>[20.03.2003 | 06:19:15]

Result = +398d 10h 0m 3s


    C> stands for End Clock, D> for End Date and T> for End Time

The syntax was introduced in the early days of development and simplifies the parser's error input check. The output is in the normal form like +366d 22h 12m 0s (day, hour, minute and sec.) or 21.04.2004 16:19:18 or 04/21/2004.

Date & Time Parser Menus



Plotting Functions

Enter the function into the Expression Line, using x as the function argument and put in the x- and y-limits for the graph range. Then click on [Graph] in the Panel for displaying the graph.  


  VBScript Editor

Visual Basic Script is a scripting language that is upwardly compatible with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA currently ships with Microsoft Office and Visual Basic. Microsoft Internet Explorer includes a COM server that implements a VBScript engine. Unlike VBA, we have add VBScript to Simplexety together with a comfortable VC++ like editor.

Aside from language syntax and semantics, a key difference between VBScript and JScript is that VBScript has a complete server-side role and JScript does not. For example, VBScript can be integrated with the ISAPI component of Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) to run a variety of back-end applications.

You can have direct access to the Simplexety VC++ functions from this VBScript engine. Tis happens with OLE Automation methods.

For a complete description of VBScript, we suggest the MSDN article about the Visual Basic Script. In addition, Microsoft has a wealth of information about VBScript at different URLs.


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